Hi! Most of you would like to see a certain craft posted. So If you have any crafts you would like to request, comment on this page. Please do not request any crafts that are already made or not from Adventure Time. Thanks a lot! Poe


  1. How about Prince Gumball? :3

  2. hey, these papercrafts are just awesome! Please, Finn and Jake *^*

  3. Marshall Lee...
    Magic Man...
    Lumpy Space Princess...

    (Just the one's only *I* would probably want*) XPXPXP
    By the way, great job man! Keep up the good work!
    I'm definitely gonna be making the Marceline for my brother's fiance's birthday!!! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your requests! I will put those on the long list of crafts to be built! Don't worry I will get to all of them at some point. If you do make Marceline please send a picture and I will post it on the Fan Models page. Thanks!

  4. Snow Gollum and the Fire Wolves please!

  5. BMO,
    Finn and Jakes swords! (Demon Sword in particular, if not to hard :D)
    Dr Princess
    The tiny cat assassin guy (sorry don't know his name)
    Ice mountains

    Thanks!!! :D

  6. hi,
    I'd like to make the Lich King costume like cosplay and i'd like if you could do some Lich dress piece like as the crown or the horns.
    Thanksvery much and sorry for the trouble

  7. Any chance you could make the screaming Lemon Head from the 'All Your Fault' episode? Preferably the peeled version:

  8. Mr pig and bmo pleasee

  9. do the lich and if possible do the goo monsters from james and simon and marcy